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(401) 263-5285



About Michael

Michael Steiner graduated from Scituate High School in 2005 and enlisted in the United States Navy. He served six years on active duty and spent five years on board the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. After three tours of duty to the Western Pacific and Persian Gulf in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom, he completed his service and returned to Rhode Island to pursue higher education.

Michael began his education at Community College of Rhode Island, where he graduated with an associate degree in general studies. He served three terms of AmeriCorps where he focused on assisting veterans transitioning from active duty to life on campus.

After graduating from CCRI, Michael transferred to University of Rhode Island, where he is completing his undergraduate studies in Applied Economics. 


  1. Opportunities for college graduates
    • Work towards creating a business climate where industry can flourish and provide college graduates with the opportunity to choose Rhode Island. 
    • Establish and expand first time home buyer and student loan repayment programs to enable college graduates to purchase homes while paying down student debt.
  2. Environmental stewardship
    • Responsibly siting and developing renewable resource power generation and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and sources external to Rhode Island.
  3. Accessible senior services
    • Ensure seniors have access to the services they need to lead quality lives.